Hi and welcome to the
Made With Love
About page.
We try our best to
Spread love and happiness,
Promote peace and positivity,
Encourage and build others up,
And give back to
Those in need and
Environmental causes.

I wish I could say that
This is a big company
But it’s just three:
Me, myself, and i.
I’m a pretty boring simple
40-something year old male,
Originally from Los Angeles,
Now living large tiny in Vegas.
I’m a quiet introvert,
With an active imagination,
And a lifelong love for
Creating and building things -
From legos to ikea to websites
To now: apparel and home goods.
I’ve always loved
Creating and building things
That look crisp and clean,
That make people happy,
And give off good energy.
I’ve always loved
Encouraging others too,
Because I understand struggle.
Abandoned by father and mother.
Experienced homelessness.
Lost a wife and two kids.
Experienced hopelessness.
And worse...
But that’s enough.
I understand struggle,
Loneliness and depression,
And how much a kind word
Or act can mean sometimes.

Every life has seasons,
After winter comes spring.
If our lives were a melody,
Our joyful moments would be
The high notes
And our grief would be
The bass.
Life isn’t always easy,
But it is good.
And everyday is a new beginning.
No matter the season,
We should live each day
With gratitude,
Embrace each moment,
And go about doing good,
Because every interaction
With another life is
An opportunity for each of us to
Spread light or darkness.
May you choose to
Shine your light to all
For you just never know
What someone else
Might be going through.

I hope
You are uplifted
While you’re here
And I hope you
Find something you like -
There’s cute and fun shirts,
Inspirational and spiritual shirts,
Thought-provoking quotes shirts,
And vintage shirts -
Which are always groovy. ;)
There’s hats and hoodies
And home goods and jewelry too.
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Dane Patrick